Voodoo Tactical Products™ are built with the operator in mind. Our products are engineered to exceed
the standards associated with normal operating conditions. We offer a Limited Lifetime Product
Warranty on all Voodoo Tactical Products against product defects and failure due to normal wear and
tear. Voodoo Tactical gear is built to be used hard and perform in the most challenging environments.
If there is any issue with a Voodoo Tactical product based on its construction or performance, the
product, regardless of age, will be replaced with a new product at NO cost to the customer. This warranty
begins at the date of purchase and is in affect for the full life of the product. Regardless weather the
item was purchased from Voodoo Tactical or one of our many distributors, the Limited Lifetime Product
Warranty applies to all original Voodoo Tactical Products.
Our Guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied with your Voodoo Tactical product and experience.